We recently read this article in Advertising Week about how direct mail can offer the 1-to-1 personalization sought by so many brands and we couldn’t agree more.  Here are some key takeaways from the article:

  • A scaled direct mail program can provide a steady source of online identities, enable omnichannel personalization, and drive development efficiencies.
  • Direct Mail continues to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. Most consumers claim offers by either scanning a QR code or visiting a personalized link which, in turn, allows brands to have a direct link with a consumer’s terrestrial identity and online identity with an authenticated sign-in. See this example here for BMW
  • Online marketers can leverage the longer format of direct mail to test a larger message strategy, product positioning, brand look and feel, etc. See this example for Tactupump.
  • Direct mail must be seen – and measured – as a source of authenticated online hand-raisers, not just as a way to carry a message into a mailbox.
  • The time to respond to your customers’ demands for personalized experiences and relationships is now.

Read the full article.