Reval Trade Show Handout with QR Code

Reval was looking to drive conference attendees to their booth to learn more about their latest offering. Reval participates in many industry events to provide education and speak on the latest trends in financial services. Their goal was to introduce their anticipated new all-in-one Software-as-a-Service and demonstrate its strengths to CFOs and treasurers at a trade show. Because of this hard-to-reach audience, Reval knew they needed something compelling enough to drive prospects to their booth at the trade show.

They chose the Extendo® design, in a box format. Pulling on the tab reveals two hidden panels that extend from the top and bottom of the handout. As this action takes place, new messaging is revealed in the window on the center panel. The top panel revealed a token and the call to action was for conference attendees to bring their token to Reval’s booth for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes. The back of the handout featured a QR code that launched a whitepaper about Reval’s Single Solution. Not only was the format itself engaging, but it contained a compelling offer for attendees, further capturing their attention.

Reval had over 1,200 visits to their booth as a result of about 6,500 conference attendees. They shared that the handout was a huge success and attendees couldn’t stop talking about what a great idea the promo was!

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