HomeWorks Energy Pop Up Mailer

HomeWorks Energy was looking to educate consumers on the areas of their home that lose heat and are inefficient, while demonstrating how they can help them save electricity and heating costs. HomeWorks turned to our US partners, Structural Graphics.

This promotional self-mailer was sent to eligible homeowners to tout the benefits of HomeWorks’ services, in hopes that they would sign up. A house pops up once the mailer is opened and immediately captures the recipient’s attention. This design also contains an engagement factor; each of the doors and windows are panels that lift to reveal additional information. This mailer has staying power and is a great desktop reminder for prospects, keeping your brand front-and-center and top-of-mind.


HomeWorks shared that the mailer drove 51 scheduled energy assessments, which generated $74,000 in revenue. They achieved over a 2 X greater response rate from this campaign, compared to their conventional mailings which make up the highest proportion of their budget. They reported that the entire process went smoothly from concept to completion, and they were very pleased with the final product.

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