CLAAS Slide-Sleeve Mailer

CLAAS of America Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural technology worldwide. This mailer was used to announced the launch of the largest tractor-mounted triple mower available with a conditioner – the DISCO 1100 Triple Mower. The cover of this mailer featured an image of a mower with copy that read, “Now the best…” The mailer is held in place with a perfed tab along the right hand side that enables it to go out as a self mailer as well as incorporating automation in the folding / gluing stages. Once perfed off and you pull out the slider, the image of the mower transforms to reveal an image of the new mower and the copy transforms to read, “Now the best is also the biggest.” The inside panel also featured a QR Code that recipients could scan to see the MAX CUT Cutter bar in action!

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