Canada Post Pop-Up Cube

Canada Post used the Pop Up Cube as an interactive resource for customers. The cube was used to invite customers to explore the many sides of Canada Post Smartmail MarketingTM with this Smartmail Marketing Cube. This interactive resource puts links to everything you need for marketing success in your hands, from case studies and exclusive video content to essential guides and expert insights – all navigated with ease thanks to custom QR codes.  The pop up cube is sure to stand out with customers and the soft touch finish provides a memorable tactile experience that makes it hard to put down. 

Create memorable brand experiences with direct mail and deliver content directly into the homes of your customers.  To get more Smartmail Marketing inspiration visit

“All the feedback on the cube has been extremely positive.  Everyone loves the experience of getting the cube in the mail and we’re tracking as the cube drives traffic online through the QR codes.”

Rob Simon
Enterprise Marketing Manager, Smartmail Marketing | Canada Post
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