Kraft Proves that Going Viral is as Smooth as Peanut Butter

Every once in a while, a campaign comes along that pushes the boundaries of creativity and completely engages consumers in a full-on brand experience. Such is the case with the most recent Peanut Butter campaign by Kraft.

Kraft’s latest campaign leverages the full potential of empty peanut butter jars and AI to motivate consumers to make use of those last remnants of peanut butter at the bottom of the jar. The campaign encourages consumers to visit a unique URL where they can scan the pattern found at the bottom of their empty peanut butter jar and then receive a QR code to claim a complimentary refill—or, in this instance, a new jar—of peanut butter. More Kraft Peanut Butter campaign details here.

To increase awareness of this campaign, Kraft reached out to Middle Child, the agency leading their PR and influencer strategy, to design a unique influencer box promoting this campaign. We worked with Middle Child on the structural design and production of this double drawer rigid box used to highlight the empty and full jars of Kraft Peanut Butter.

The top drawer held an empty jar with words of dissapointment prominently displayed on the exterior of the box such as “Oh.No”, “Not again”, “This is the worst” and “Ughhh.” When you slide out the top drawer, the empty jar is nestled on the inside. When you slide out the bottom drawer, a fresh jar is presented with a spatula to make it easier for recipients to enjoy their new jar.

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