Tip 01

Define Your Audience

Determine who your target audience is so you can better solve their pain points. Remember to pare down your current list.

Tip 02

Make a Good First Impression

With an impressive 8.5% response rate, interactive mail is king when it comes to ROI. Think anything that engages your audience and delivers that element of surprise – Pop Ups, LED lights, sound, tactile elements etc. You get the drift. See some of our interactive direct mail designs here.

Tip 03

Drive Your Audience Online

Make a special offer and incorporate WebKeys, NFC Tags and QR codes to take your audience to a designated landing page or your website.  Once they are there, engage them even further. See some of our print to web solutions here.

Tip 04

Track, Track, Track!

QR codes, NFC tags and web keys are also great tools to track the success of your campaign and to inform you of who is interested in what you have to offer. You can also feature a unique URL in your direct mail piece to help you identify campaign responses.

See infographic below.

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