Today’s design spotlight checks all the boxes: Interactive, creative AND award-winning! The dynamic Spinner has been used to launch brands, demonstrate a before and after effect in print, and has been used countless times as a holiday card.

Take a look at some examples!

Vincennes University Recruitment Mailer

Vincennes University used our Spinner to attract prospective students. The mailer’s cover showcased a die-cut circle in the shape of the university emblem. As you open the mailer, the circle automatically spins unveiling the message “Focused, Quality Education.” The inside of the mailer featured 3 panels of colorful imagery and information about the university.

GLG Communications Holiday Card

GLG Communications chose our spinner design as their holiday card last year. The card featured a captivating multi-layered die-cut star at its center that twirls when opened, while the back of the card featured an image of multiple champagne glasses raising a toast to the holiday season and the upcoming new year. This piece was also the recipient of the esteemed RX Award in the “best postcard mailer, 3-D mailer, dimensional mailer, premiums” category!

Brightworks Holiday Card

In keeping with the holiday spirit of giving, Brightworks supported “Right to Play”, which is an organization dedicating their efforts that use sport and play to educate and empower children and youth to overcome the efforts of poverty, conflict, and disease in disadvantaged communities. They used the Spinner direct mail design to wish clients a happy holiday season and to build awareness of this cause. When you open up the mailer, a die-cut ornament spins multiple times. The paper ornament featured a QR code that recipients could scan to be taken to a unique URL where they could learn more about this important cause. Watch a video of the Brightworks Spinner.

BMW Special Offer Mailer

In collaboration with Richmond Day, BMW utilized our Triple Spinner mechanism to present a unique personalized offer to its customers. The mailer’s cover showcased three die-cut windows. Upon opening, each cutout spun to unveil distinct offers. The interior of this self-mailer included a personalized letter to customers, featuring their first name and a QR code they could scan to book an appointment. Watch a video of the BMW Spinner.

Lancora Education Aid

Servier Canada Inc. used our spinner solution to introduce physicians to Lancora. The cover of the mailer featured a die-cut window and when opened, the image in the window rotates to reveal an image of the product in its packaging. The mailer’s cover showcased a die-cut window, and upon opening, the image within the window rotated to unveil a picture of the product in its packaging. Watch a video of the Lancora Spinner.

Contact us to learn more about how to incorporate the Spinner into your next campaign.!

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