Design Spotlight: The Award-Winning Spinner!

Today’s design spotlight checks all the boxes: Interactive, creative AND award-winning! The dynamic Spinner has been used to launch brands, demonstrate a before and after effect in print, and has been used countless times as a holiday card.


Design Spotlight: The Staged Mailer

Timeless entertaining and unexpected, the dynamic Staged Mailer design has been a fan favorite for years. In most instances, it ships flat, making this design postal-friendly and cost-effective, but when you open it up, there is nothing flat about it. The Staged Mailer has been used to present pop-up replicas of buildings, products, logos, etc. For this design, literally all the world is a stage. Take a look at some examples.


Delivering the Right Content at the Right Time

We were recently reading an article related to content marketing trends and one paragraph, in particular, stood out to us. It read: “As more content goes online, consumers can find it hard to find the information they really want and need. As a result, marketers will need to find new ways to differentiate their content with creativity, new formats, research, and unique approaches.” We couldn’t agree more.

Although digital marketing has grown exponentially in recent years, traditional print marketing continues to be effective when delivering that targeted one-to-one connection with consumers especially when used in creative and unconventional ways, and when it comes to content marketing it’s all about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Here are some examples of how some industries and brands are delivering relevant content using print.