As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome a new year, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on some highlights and notable projects that made last year truly exceptional for us. We collaborated with GLG Communications to secure the win of 3 International RX awards, expanded our influencer marketing portfolio with unboxing designs for companies like Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent and Kraft, and had the opportunity to work on some incredible print-to-web projects. Here are some of the design collaborations that made a mark in 2023.

Our Collaboration with Lancôme

We were fortunate to engage in three unique projects in collaboration with Lancôme, all sharing a common objective: to influence an influencer. First up was the Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Anti-Aging Serum box. With the help of Middle Child, Lancôme Canada and Information Packaging created this package to send to many Canadian influencers and public personalities so they can experience the power of the new Rénergie H.P.N. 300-peptide cream. Inside the packaging, was the new H.P.N cream along with its best ally, the Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Anti-Aging Serum. The packaging was designed to look like a book to maximize the knowledge on those products.

Next up was the Lancôme Canada Hexagon Influencer Box. Leading up to a major event, Lancôme Canada collaborated with Information Packaging to craft a unique hexagon-shaped box, which they sent to 600 prominent Canadian influencers. Inside, this special package showcased their Rénergie High-Performance routine, spotlighting the H.P.N. 300-peptide cream and the Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Serum. The primary aim of this package was to engage and educate the influencers about these products and their ingredients in a fun and interactive manner while inspiring them to share their experience with their followers.

Last, but not least, in the Lancôme trifecta was this mascara box. We designed this simple but luxurious box featuring their iconic mascaras. The box featured a tray that slides out as you pull on the elegant ribbon that is affixed to the side. The box encouraged influencers “Share the Love” on social media.

Print-to-Web for the Win

We often refer to our designs as “pushing the boundaries of print to web.” To us it suggests innovation and creativity in enhancing non-conventional print through the use of technologies like QR codes and augmented reality. We were fortunate to work on numerous projects in 2023 that enhanced the print experience while tapping into these technologies. Here are a few:

Biocryst® Pill-Shaped Slider with QR Code

Biocryst® utilized our Slider design as a sales representative informational leave-behind for their Orladeyo medication. This award-winning slider, shaped like a pill, incorporated a back slit for sales reps to insert their business cards. This collaborative project with GLG Communications resulted in winning the esteemed 2023 International RX Award in the category of “best sales rep material!”

StarFish Medical Augmented Reality Holiday Card

StarFish Medical celebrated the holiday season in grand style with a card showcasing an elaborate dimensional tree enhanced by augmented reality! Unfolding the initially flat card reveals a surprising interior—a multi-layered, dimensional paper tree that gracefully emerges in the center upon opening. The call-to-action encouraged recipients to scan the code on the card and direct their phone cameras towards the paw prints, unveiling a 3-dimensional polar bear on the card.

Specsavers Extendo® QR Code Mailer

Specsavers used this direct mailer to send information to Canadian opticians about the job and retail opportunities available at Specsavers. The design they chose was the Extendo®. When you pull out one panel, the other panel automatically extends. One of the panels of this mailer held a paper card with information on how to receive more information about the career opportunities and both sides of the mailer featured a QR code that linked to a unique URL where opticians could learn more.

Canada Post Slide Reveal Augmented Reality Mailer

Canada Post harnessed the power of Augmented Reality to convey the powerful results of direct mail. The mailer was sent to participants of Canada Posts’s “Secrets of Direct Mail” webinar. The design they chose was the Slide Reveal. Just as the name implies, 2 panels slide out and lock in opposite directions to reveal the contents on the inside. In this example, the center panel unfolded to reveal an image of a stage with seating imagery on the bottom panel. The recipients were asked to scan the code on the stage and then point their phone camera to the stage to watch a video on Absolut Vodka’s record-breaking 70% increase in sales as a result of a direct mail campaign. The inclusion of Augmented Reality allowed the video to play within the imagery of the stage mimicking an actual live presentation.

See images of the Canada Post Mailer.

The Peanut Butter Box

Kraft’s latest campaign leverages the full potential of empty peanut butter jars and AI to motivate consumers to make use of those last remnants of peanut butter at the bottom of the jar. The campaign encourages consumers to visit a unique URL where they can scan the pattern found at the bottom of their empty peanut butter jar and then receive a QR code to claim a complimentary refill—or, in this instance, a new jar—of peanut butter. More Kraft Peanut Butter campaign details here.

To increase awareness of this campaign, Kraft reached out to Middle Child, the agency leading their PR and influencer strategy, to design a unique influencer box promoting this campaign. We worked with Middle Child on the structural design and production of this double drawer rigid box used to highlight the empty and full jars of Kraft Peanut Butter.

The top drawer held an empty jar with words of dissapointment prominently displayed on the exterior of the box such as “Oh.No”, “Not again”, “This is the worst” and “Ughhh.” When you slide out the top drawer, the empty jar is nestled on the inside. When you slide out the bottom drawer, a fresh jar is presented with a spatula to make it easier for recipients to enjoy their new jar.

We are excited to broaden our design portfolio and tackle new design challenges in the upcoming year. If you’re ready to enhance your marketing in 2024 or if there’s a design challenge you’d like to discuss, please contact us.

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