When it Comes to Print, We’re Obsessed

February is the month of love, so we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate something we LOVE very much: PRINT! Admittedly, we might be a little bit biased, but honestly, what’s not to love about this timeless marketing medium? Here’s an abbreviated list (because we really could go on and on) of what we love so much about print!

It’s Tangible

Print holds a special place in our hearts because it offers a tactile experience that digital mediums can’t replicate. When you hold a printed piece in your hands, you engage not only your sense of sight but also your sense of touch. This tactile dimension adds a richness and depth to the experience that is truly unique. One of the coolest aspects of print is the variety of textures and elements that can be incorporated into a printed piece. From the smooth finish of glossy paper to the luxurious feel of embossed lettering, each texture adds a layer of sensory engagement. Whether it’s the subtle roughness of textured paper or the raised texture of a spot UV coating, these tactile elements create a multisensory experience that captivates and engages the recipient.

This Salesforce Growth Sensory DM Kit is a perfect example of this! The growth-themed “storybook” was contained inside an outer sleeve with the cover of the book featuring die-cut letters with grass-like material which tied into the theme perfectly. The inside of the book incorporated tactile pages on how to find, win and keep customers with the Salesforce CRM platform while showcasing 4 customer success stories. Click here to learn more about the Salesforce Growth Sensory Kit.

It’s Memorable

The average human attention span is 8.25 seconds and is predicted to decrease over time due to factors like increased digital stimulation and information overload. Enter print. Print often requires more focused attention than digital content. When reading a printed piece, people tend to devote more time and concentration to the material, which increases the likelihood of remembering it. Print’s ability to engage multiple senses, demand focused attention, and create lasting associations contributes to its memorability. Click here to see more of our direct mail designs.

It Drives Results

Print remains a valuable and effective marketing tool that can drive a wide range of results when used strategically and creatively. By leveraging the unique benefits of print, businesses and organizations can achieve their marketing objectives and connect with their target audiences effectively.

Take this direct mail piece for Anthem, for example. Anthem created a web site to educate brokers on changes in health insurance but their email marketing was not driving enough traffic to the site. The theme of their campaign was clarity, so they used this direct mail piece that with one pull brought their message to life. It also generated an astounding 65% increase in web traffic.

It’s Measurable

The inclusion of digital elements in a printed piece like QR codes, #augmeted #reality and personalized URLS allow brands to effectively measure the results of their direct mail campaign by providing a means to track and analyze recipient engagement.

BMW used our Triple Spinner design to deliver a unique personalized offer to its customers. The cover of the mailer features 3 die-cut windows with each featuring a different offer. The inside of this self-mailer featured a letter to customers which was personalized with the recipient’s first name and a QR code they could scan to book an appointment. See the BMW Spinner in action.

It’s Engaging

Print often requires a dedicated focus from the reader, without the distractions commonly found in digital media. This focused attention can lead to a deeper engagement with the content. Additionally, print allows for creative design elements such as vibrant colors, typography, and imagery that can capture attention and convey messages effectively. Well-designed print materials can be visually striking and engaging! According to a study by the Winterberry Group, direct mail was one of the top channels used in integrated marketing campaigns, indicating its effectiveness in driving engagement and response across multiple channels.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the reasons we love print. If you are considering print for your upcoming campaign, get in touch with us to collaborate on strategies to captivate your audience and achieve success. Not sure if you’re ready, but seeking inspiration? Explore our project gallery for ideas!

Kraft Proves that Going Viral is as Smooth as Peanut Butter

Every once in a while, a campaign comes along that pushes the boundaries of creativity and completely engages consumers in a full-on brand experience. Such is the case with the most recent Peanut Butter campaign by Kraft.

Kraft’s latest campaign leverages the full potential of empty peanut butter jars and AI to motivate consumers to make use of those last remnants of peanut butter at the bottom of the jar. The campaign encourages consumers to visit a unique URL where they can scan the pattern found at the bottom of their empty peanut butter jar and then receive a QR code to claim a complimentary refill—or, in this instance, a new jar—of peanut butter. More Kraft Peanut Butter campaign details here.

To increase awareness of this campaign, Kraft reached out to Middle Child, the agency leading their PR and influencer strategy, to design a unique influencer box promoting this campaign. We worked with Middle Child on the structural design and production of this double drawer rigid box used to highlight the empty and full jars of Kraft Peanut Butter.

Kraft Peanut Butter Box

The top drawer held an empty jar with words of dissapointment prominently displayed on the exterior of the box such as “Oh.No”, “Not again”, “This is the worst” and “Ughhh.” When you slide out the top drawer, the empty jar is nestled on the inside. When you slide out the bottom drawer, a fresh jar is presented with a spatula to make it easier for recipients to enjoy their new jar.

Kraft Peanut Butter Box
Kraft Peanut Butter Box

Push the Envelope this Holiday Season

It’s an exciting season for brands as they begin to unveil their holiday promotions. In fact, if you step into a retail store, you’ll be greeted by a wide array of holiday-themed products. This is also the time when companies should begin contemplating how to extend warm holiday wishes to their customers and express gratitude for their year-long support.

Whimsical holiday cards remain a timeless favourite for both businesses and consumers, evoking a sense of playfulness and magic that perfectly complements the holiday spirit. They also provide a personal and thoughtful connection with the recipient.

Throughout the years, we’ve had the privilege of creating incredible holiday cards for our clients, facilitating meaningful connections with their target audience. Here are a few examples of holiday cards, including those crafted by Information Packaging and other companies, that have truly pushed the envelope and the boundaries of creativity.

Liebherr Group Pop Up Holiday Gift Box Card

The Liebherr Group understands that the holiday season is a time for “pushing the envelope” and going above and beyond. This is precisely why they selected a remarkable holiday card gift box to extend warm wishes to their valued customers. The box, initially shipped flat, ingeniously unfolds to reveal an array of intricately designed, holiday-inspired die-cuts at its center. Liebherr leveraged one end of the gift box to convey their heartfelt holiday message to their cherished customers. See more images of the Liebherr Holiday Card.

GLG Communications Spinner Christmas Card

GLG Communications chose our spinner design as their holiday card last year. The card featured a captivating multi-layered die-cut star at its center that twirls when opened, while the back of the card featured an image of multiple champagne glasses raising a toast to the holiday season and the upcoming new year. This piece was also the recipient of the esteemed RX Award in the “best postcard mailer, 3-D mailer, dimensional mailer, premiums” category!

Astellas Spinning Tree Holiday Card

Astellas used our Spinning Tree holiday card design to wish employees a happy holiday season. The die-cut tree that appears on the cover of the card automatically spins and dimensionalizes when you open up the card. Once the card is opened up, there is another die-cut tree on the inside that spins simultaneously.

The Smithsonian Channel Holiday Card

The Smithsonian Channel selected one of our designs as their holiday card. The cover of the mailer features a die-cut window with a polar bear in a Santa hat peeking from inside. When you pull out the panel, the full polar bear image is revealed and when you unfold the panel the final message appears. See more images of the Smithsonian Holiday card.

Iggesund Paperboard Holiday Card

Every year, Iggesund Paperboard selects a paper artist from around the world to design their annual holiday greeting card. It’s become a tradition for Iggesund to challenge designers to surpass the previous year’s holiday card, by highlighting the print possibilities available through Iggesund’s paperboards Invercote and Incada. They chose our strategic US Partner, Structural Graphics, to create a unique design that utilized different printing techniques, including fine laser cut details. The design also needed to reflect Iggesund’s theme “Shine a light on the forest”. The theme is specific to the origin of Iggesund’s flagship product, Invercote, as well as the important role that sustainable forestry and fibre-based products can play in mitigating climate change. Structural Graphics’ design team created this design; a magical winter forest scene that comes to life in a dimensional shadowbox which shines a light on greater forest sustainability. They had the idea to illuminate the shadowbox from below. This was achieved by developing a light display which appears on one’s mobile device, once the QR code on the bottom of the holiday card is scanned. The light show that displays within the shadow box mimics the magical illumination of the aurora borealis.

Information Packaging Box of Chocolates Perpetual Folder

We used our own Perpetual Folder design to wish customers and prospects a happy holiday season. The Perpetual Folder is popular for its ability to engage and surprise the recipient. With its multiple panels that turn in succession, it is the perfect design for telling your story or delivering your holiday message.

Extendo® Pop Up Cube Holiday Card

Our Extendo® Pop Up Cube is a great new addition to our line of dimensional holiday cards and a great new promotional product. Whether you choose to customize it with your holiday greeting or your promotional message, it is sure to grab attention. At first glance, this product seems to be our typical Extendo® design, where you pull the tab and one panel extends out of either side of the base. But here’s where the fun comes in – just pull the tab, and unexpectedly a 3.25″ x 2.5″ x 2.5” pop up cube springs from the inside of the base right before your eyes. See a video of the Extendo® Holiday Card.

In Conclusion

Greeting cards are a wonderful way to engage with your customers while simultaneously boosting brand recognition. They also serve as an effective tool for adding a human touch to your company’s image in the eyes of your customers. While email greetings are convenient, they might find their way into a recipient’s spam folder or go unnoticed. If you’re prepared to explore new possibilities and push the envelope this holiday season, get in touch with us to discuss your holiday card strategy.

Looking Ahead to 2024 Packaging Trends

As we near the end of the year, it’s the perfect moment to shift our focus towards examining the anticipated marketing trends for 2024. We might be a bit biased, but we’ve been particularly focused on the evolving landscape of packaging trends. Here are a few existing trends that are expected to grow.

Interactive Packaging

Brands will continue to bridge the gap between traditional print packaging and digital by incorporating elements such as QR codes, AR (Augmented Reality) tags, NFC (Near Field Communication) chips, and smart labels into their packaging strategies. These digital elements can provide consumers with interactive and engaging experiences when they scan a QR code, tap an NFC chip, or use an AR app. It allows brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level, potentially leading to increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

QR codes and NFC chips can be used to provide consumers with quick access to product information, user manuals, reviews, and other relevant content. This helps consumers make informed decisions, which can improve their overall experience with the product.

Incorporating these technologies enables brands to gather data on consumer behavior. They can track how often consumers interact with their packaging and what types of content are most popular. This data can be valuable for refining marketing strategies and understanding consumer preferences. Brands can also use AR and NFC technologies to offer personalized content or promotions based on a consumer’s location, purchase history, or preferences.

QR codes and NFC technology are user-friendly and do not require consumers to download additional apps in most cases. This convenience can encourage more consumers to interact with the packaging.

Samsung used this video box as part of an in-store release. The box featured a pocket which held a full color booklet showcasing all the new features of the phone. The video screen played 4 videos demonstrating how to use the new features and benefits of the new phone.

This video box was used by Samsung as part of their in-store product launch. This innovative box was equipped with a convenient pocket designed to house a vibrant, full-color booklet that effectively highlighted all the latest features of their new phone. Additionally, the box featured a QR code, providing a direct link to an instructional video that hightlighted the utilization and advantages of the new phone.

Sustainable Packaging

As environmental awareness grows and consumers become increasingly concerned about the negative impacts of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials on the environment, there is a clear trend toward the use of more biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging materials. This is because consumers are more informed than ever about the environmental consequences of plastic waste, including pollution of oceans and ecosystems. This awareness has led to a strong desire to reduce plastic consumption and opt for greener alternatives. Brands are also recognizing the importance of sustainability as a selling point. Using biodegradable packaging materials can improve a brand’s image and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Puma crafted a shoe box that doubled over as a bag, eliminating the need for a separate bag during the purchase. This groundbreaking design was aligned with Puma’s commitment to decreasing their water consumption, carbon emissions, and overall waste footprint.

See more sustainable packaging case studies online at Sustainability Magazine.

Influencer Packaging

The “unboxing experience” has become a significant trend in recent years, fueled by the rise of social media and influencers. This phenomenon has transformed the way companies package and present their products to consumers.

Many brands collaborate with social media influencers and YouTubers to create unboxing videos. These videos provide an authentic and engaging way to showcase products to a wide audience. Influencers often add their own commentary and reactions during the unboxing process, making it more relatable to their followers.

To enhance the unboxing experience, brands are investing in custom packaging that not only protects the product but also creates a sense of anticipation and excitement. This might involve using premium materials, creative designs, and attention to detail.

In collaboration with Middle Child, Lancôme Canada and Information Packaging collaborated to craft a special package destined for numerous Canadian influencers and notable public personalities. This package was meticulously curated to offer them an opportunity to discover the remarkable potential of the groundbreaking Rénergie H.P.N. 300-peptide cream.

Within this ingeniously designed package, recipients uncovered not only the revolutionary H.P.N. cream itself but also its ideal complement, the Rénergie H.C.F. Triple Anti-Aging Serum. The packaging itself was thoughtfully fashioned to resemble a book, aiming to amplify the depth of knowledge surrounding these exceptional products.


Packaging is a crucial aspect of product development and marketing that goes beyond just containment. Great packaging plays a critical role in protecting products, presenting them attractively, conveying information, building brand identity, and contributing to overall customer satisfaction. What’s outside the box is just as important as what’s inside. The packaging of a product is often the first point of contact between a consumer and your brand.

Do you need to level up your 2024 Packaging strategy? Contact Information Packaging today for a complimentary brainstorming session.

In Pharma, Education is Everything

Recent statistics show that patients who get patient education content report better patient experience, while 68% said it increases the odds that they will return to that provider. Additionally, 94% of Patients want patient Education Content, but a Third Don’t Get It

When it comes to effectively educating patients and physicians with sales aids, training materials, detail aids and starter kits, presentation AND organization is everything! Cool graphics and artwork on the outside will most likely get your recipient to open up the box or sales aid, but how it’s all presented on the inside is just as important.

Pharmaceutical reps have been using detail aids, starter kits and sales aids for years to educate patients and leave important information behind because, often times, time is scarce and they only have a short time to deliver and explain often-complex information.

Recent statistics show that patients who get patient education content report better patient experience, while 68% said it increases the odds that they will return to that provider. Additionally, 94% confirmed that they would access patient education materials from their clinicians if they had access to them. source

The inclusion of digital components has also kicked these educational materials up a notch. QR Codes can drive to detailed videos featuring product demonstrations, Video Screens help to engage and educate patients and Augmented Reality can make different sections of your kit come to life.

The best leave-behinds are the ones that DON’T leave behind valuable information and deliver important details in an organized way. Here are some examples of Pharma companies that did this extremely well.

Nicorette NRT Kit

NicoDerm/Nicorette used this kit as an introduction to its smoking cessation products. The inside of the kit featured information on the benefits of combination therapy along with product details. The right-hand sleeve featured several wells that carried each of the different products ensuring all product samples remained in place. Learn more here.

Obesity Resource Kit

This resource kit for Novo Nordisk Canada was used as a comprehensive resource guide for physicians to help accurately screen and treat obesity. The inside of the kit included information on evidence-based treatment as well as informational sheets about best weight, movement, healthy eating, understanding appetite and obesity science.

Hoffman-La Roche Pharmaceuticals Reference Guide

Hoffmann-La Roche used this reference guide to inform physicians about 8 different therapy options available for Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple panels were contained inside a sleeve with each double-sided panel featuring information on a different option. A metal ring affixed to the corner held all the panels together which allowed the recipient to easily rotate and read each one while keeping all the information in one place.

Repatha® Demonstration Kit

We designed this demonstration kit for Amgen’s Repatha®. The kit was used to demonstrate Repatha’s injection options to physicians. The inside of the kit featured a sample unit contained inside a well with information about the medication while the hidden magnetic closure inside the lid allowed the contents to remain intact on the inside.

Salofalk Reference Guide

Aptalis Pharmaceuticals Inc. used this comprehensive reference guide to educate physicians on the features and benefits of Salofalk. The cover of the reference guide featured 4 tabs that slid out and locked to reveal information about each of topics on each panel. The panels were double-sided allowing ample space for imagery and details about the product. The locking mechanism allowed the information to securely stay in place while the double-sided panels were effective in breaking information down into specific detail.

In Conclusion

When it comes to patient compliance, education is key to increasing adherence to treatment plans and medications. Patients are more likely to stick to their treatment if they understand it. When it comes to physicians, continuing medical education is key to improving and effectively managing patient care.  63% of respondents say they routinely get sent educational materials from their providers while about a third say they aren’t offered any educational materials from their providers. To learn more about these statistics, click here.

To see more of our Pharmaceutical work, click here.

The Art of the Great “Unboxing” Experience

The rise of influencer marketing has led to another social media phenomenon – the “Unboxing Experience.” The definition of Unboxing is the act of documenting oneself, mostly on video, of opening a packaged product from a box and displaying, reviewing, and showing off its contents. The unboxing experience has become almost as exciting as what’s inside the box. Consider these stats:

  • Over 90,000 people type “unboxing” into YouTube every month
  • Search for “unboxing” on Instagram and approximately 3,776,111 posts come up
  • There are almost 40 unboxing videos with over 10 million views
  • 42.2% of customers find reviews to be helpful types of influencer content, with 13% looking to unboxing videos versus just 6.1% being influenced by images or videos of a product
  • 62% of marketers measure the success of their videos by the engagement they get

Elements of Delivering a Great Unboxing Experience

Unboxing videos by influencers and consumers have helped brands build brand loyalty, generate excitement and go viral. Unboxing is about generating enthusiasm beginning to end, telling your story, building excitement around it and getting others to shout it out loud. We are obviously suckers for great packaging, and we truly believe you can’t deliver an unforgettable unboxing experience without great packaging. They kind of go hand in hand. Companies like Apple, Sephora, Sony, Google and Birchbox know this. So what makes great packaging in our opinion? Here are some of our thoughts.

A Good First Impression

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to unboxing. Make sure the colors, gradients, paper texture and the design on the outside scream “open me!” Branding on the outside also goes a long way in delivering a memorable experience from start to finish, not to mention it makes the entire packaging feel custom.

A Catchy #hashtag

One way of encouraging recipients to talk about their unboxing experience is to pick a catchy and clever hashtag for your new product. Campaign-specific hashtags allow other consumers to join in on the conversation. We recommend prominently displaying it on the packaging itself. Here’s an example for La Roche-Posay.

La Roche-Posay is the number 1 dermocosmetic brand worldwide and they used this kit to send samples of its “life-changing” skincare line to key beauty influencers. The cover on the box featured La Roche-Posay’s #skinismorethanskin hashtag to encourage influencers to join in on the conversation. The inside of the kit held various samples of the product line with each in its own well. Posts from key influencers related to each product were featured behind each product. The lid also included internal magnets that allowed the lid to stay securely shut.


The biggest gift under the tree is the one most likely to generate the most excitement and get opened first. The same is true for packaging.

Years ago, our US strategic partners Structural Graphics, designed a launch kit for Google’s “Unboxing Event” which was used to promote their new store and products at the time. The boxes, which were designed like a puzzle with each piece carrying a different product, were sent to major influencers who then vlogged and posted videos of the box on YouTube. Google took it a step further by wrapping the box with branded gift wrap.

The video currently has 4.6 million views. For comparison’s sake statistics show that almost 90% of video uploaded to YouTube generates fewer than 1,000 views.

You have to see it to believe it!

Add a Special Touch

Wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper, decorative bows, branded stickers and unique packing material all add that special touch. Here’s an example for Nokia.

Nokia used this box to highlight the phone that was featured in the Dark Knight movie. They used lime green ribbon on the site to hold it all together. When you untie the ribbon, all sides of the purple box fall open and the Joker says, “Let’s put a smile on that face!” then laughs maniacally.

Fine fragrance brand Le Labo used black packing tape on the outside and black tissue paper on the inside for the special added touch and to tie it all together.

Build Anticipation

Having different components leading up the final reveal prolong the unboxing experience while building excitement. Kind of like having a box inside a box inside a box. It doesn’t have to be a series of boxes though. The different components inside could be made up of different materials, open in unique ways, unfold, expand and unwrap. Here’s how one company did it.

Roundel is Target’s modern media company. Their solutions find new ways to help brands connect with their perfect audiences. They used this incredible packaging to produce a unique unboxing experience designed to help drive brand sales. The center-split box opens to a tabbed panel that then lifts to reveal a booklet and a premium. The premium, Skullcandy earbuds, was wrapped in a promotional sleeve, while the booklet carried a QR code that launched “The Unboxing Moment” podcast.

Everything in its Place

Organizing the contents of what’s inside the box is crucial especially if there are different products being highlighted within. This can be done by using individual boxes, sleeves to hold literature, miniature booklets or simply wrapping things individually. Here’s how Sephora did it. They used this promotional product kit to encourage influencers to unbox and learn more about their skincare solutions for dryness, dullness and wrinkles. The individual kits were contained in a slipcase for storage and easy access and dedicated to a different skin condition containing recommended product solutions. The design also allowed consumers to store and use it for future reference.

The Future of Unboxing

We believe unboxing is here to stay and that its future will continue to be bright. With so many unboxing videos competing with yours, standing out is paramount and so is upping the ante. Unique digital elements have made their way into the unboxing experience like Augmented Reality, Video and NFC tags. As with direct mail, brands are finding that bridging the gap between print and digital is instrumental in the success of the overall unboxing experience.

Puma’s shoe design and box were both made to look and function like a QR code which gave the purchaser access to a variety of AR experiences including an app with a mobile game, exclusive filters, and a visual deconstruction of the sneaker so customers could see how it was designed.

Brainstorm with Us

Have an idea or a sketch on paper that you’d like to bring to life? If you can imagine it, we can help you create it! If you already have an idea for your next marketing campaign or are at a loss and would like to brainstorm with our team, contact us today. The team at Information Packaging loves a good brainstorming session! We will provide you with creative ideas to help your brand stand out and get noticed. 

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“Printspiration” for the Holidays

The holidays may seem distant, but it isn’t too early to start planning your holiday greeting strategy.

The holidays are a great time to check in with your customers and prospects and to wish them a happy holiday season. Email greetings are great, but they don’t deliver the whimsy and joy of receiving a greeting card in the mail.

We have hundreds of high-impact holiday print designs that will leave a lasting impression with your customers. Here are just a few examples.

Custom Globe Greeting Card

Our popular Holiday Globes make the perfect keepsake for your business and they are fully customizable. All of our globes ship flat, and take on their fully dimensional shape just by pressing in the sides. Customize the tag and the card with your own holiday greeting.

Spinning Tree Greeting Card

The die-cut tree that appears on the cover of the card automatically spins and dimensionalizes when you open up the card. Once the card is opened up, there is another die-cut tree on the inside that spins simultaneously. Astellas used this design to wish employees a happy holiday season.

Extendo® Pop Up Cube Holiday Card

Our Extendo® Pop Up Cube is a great addition to our line of dimensional holiday cards and a great promotional product. Whether you choose to customize it with your holiday greeting or your promotional message, it is sure to grab attention. At first glance, this product seems to be our typical Extendo® design, where you pull the tab and one panel extends out of either side of the base. But here’s where the fun comes in – just pull the tab, and unexpectedly a 3.25″ x 2.5″ x 2.5” pop up cube springs from the inside of the base right before your eyes.

Magic X-Ray Viewer Holiday Card

We used one of our own designs to wish our customers a Happy Holiday season. The cover of the card featured a mylar window with a paper magnifying glass on top. As you move the magnifying glass around the mylar window different whimsical images magically appear behind the magnifying glass.

Holiday Perpetual Folder

The Perpetual Folder is popular for its ability to engage and surprise the recipient. With its multiple panels that turn in succession, it is the perfect design for telling your story or delivering your holiday message.

Whether you are looking to create a custom holiday card or choose to use one of our tried and true designs, we can help you design the right card for your brand. Contact us to get started.

Spotlight on the Flipbook

Today we put the spotlight on a storytelling superstar – The Flipbook. The Flipbook makes page turning interesting and engaging. When you pull on the tab, the pages automatically flip making it a lot more interactive and entertaining than just turning the page.

You can customize the Flipbook to incorporate die-cut pages, and even add a well at the end to carry a premium or USB. The possibilities are endless with this amazing design.

Take a look at how some of our customers have used this fun design.

PinnitMax™ Flipbook Mailer

Corteva™ used the dynamic Flipbook design to promote its’ PinnitMax™ product. The inside of the mailer featured a pull tab and once pulled, several pages turn in succession with each page telling a story. The call to action is delivered at the end when the tab is fully extended.

Click here to see it.

NWMO Flipbook Brochure

Want to make page turning interesting and memorable. Here’s one way. Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) used this Flipbook brochure to inform businesses about this very important non-profit organization. When you pull on the tab inside the brochure, the pages automatically flip in succession with each. The pull-tab panel featured information on the different ways to get in touch with NWMO.

Click here to see it.

Mitsubishi Outlander Morphing Flipper

Mitsubishi Motors used our Morphing Flipper to demonstrate the features of its redesigned Outlander vehicle to prospective buyers, and to encourage them to book a test drive and “take a spin around the new Outlander.” As you pull on the tab that is on the cover of the mailer, the image of the vehicle literally spins full circle, tying in perfectly with the messaging.

Click here to see it.

In Summary

The Flipbook is an incredible way to tell your story. Use it to build anticipation, to animate your graphics, to deliver a payoff or make your call to action stand out.