February is the month of love, so we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate something we LOVE very much: PRINT! Admittedly, we might be a little bit biased, but honestly, what’s not to love about this timeless marketing medium? Here’s an abbreviated list (because we really could go on and on) of what we love so much about print!

It’s Tangible

Print holds a special place in our hearts because it offers a tactile experience that digital mediums can’t replicate. When you hold a printed piece in your hands, you engage not only your sense of sight but also your sense of touch. This tactile dimension adds a richness and depth to the experience that is truly unique. One of the coolest aspects of print is the variety of textures and elements that can be incorporated into a printed piece. From the smooth finish of glossy paper to the luxurious feel of embossed lettering, each texture adds a layer of sensory engagement. Whether it’s the subtle roughness of textured paper or the raised texture of a spot UV coating, these tactile elements create a multisensory experience that captivates and engages the recipient.

This Salesforce Growth Sensory DM Kit is a perfect example of this! The growth-themed “storybook” was contained inside an outer sleeve with the cover of the book featuring die-cut letters with grass-like material which tied into the theme perfectly. The inside of the book incorporated tactile pages on how to find, win and keep customers with the Salesforce CRM platform while showcasing 4 customer success stories. Click here to learn more about the Salesforce Growth Sensory Kit.

It’s Memorable

The average human attention span is 8.25 seconds and is predicted to decrease over time due to factors like increased digital stimulation and information overload. Enter print. Print often requires more focused attention than digital content. When reading a printed piece, people tend to devote more time and concentration to the material, which increases the likelihood of remembering it. Print’s ability to engage multiple senses, demand focused attention, and create lasting associations contributes to its memorability. Click here to see more of our direct mail designs.

It Drives Results

Print remains a valuable and effective marketing tool that can drive a wide range of results when used strategically and creatively. By leveraging the unique benefits of print, businesses and organizations can achieve their marketing objectives and connect with their target audiences effectively.

Take this direct mail piece for Anthem, for example. Anthem created a web site to educate brokers on changes in health insurance but their email marketing was not driving enough traffic to the site. The theme of their campaign was clarity, so they used this direct mail piece that with one pull brought their message to life. It also generated an astounding 65% increase in web traffic.

It’s Measurable

The inclusion of digital elements in a printed piece like QR codes, #augmeted #reality and personalized URLS allow brands to effectively measure the results of their direct mail campaign by providing a means to track and analyze recipient engagement.

BMW used our Triple Spinner design to deliver a unique personalized offer to its customers. The cover of the mailer features 3 die-cut windows with each featuring a different offer. The inside of this self-mailer featured a letter to customers which was personalized with the recipient’s first name and a QR code they could scan to book an appointment. See the BMW Spinner in action.

It’s Engaging

Print often requires a dedicated focus from the reader, without the distractions commonly found in digital media. This focused attention can lead to a deeper engagement with the content. Additionally, print allows for creative design elements such as vibrant colors, typography, and imagery that can capture attention and convey messages effectively. Well-designed print materials can be visually striking and engaging! According to a study by the Winterberry Group, direct mail was one of the top channels used in integrated marketing campaigns, indicating its effectiveness in driving engagement and response across multiple channels.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the reasons we love print. If you are considering print for your upcoming campaign, get in touch with us to collaborate on strategies to captivate your audience and achieve success. Not sure if you’re ready, but seeking inspiration? Explore our project gallery for ideas!

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