When it Comes to Print, We’re Obsessed

February is the month of love, so we thought it would be appropriate to celebrate something we LOVE very much: PRINT! Admittedly, we might be a little bit biased, but honestly, what’s not to love about this timeless marketing medium? Here’s an abbreviated list (because we really could go on and on) of what we love so much about print!


Highlighting Some Incredible Projects from 2023

Orladeyo Pill Slider

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome a new year, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on some highlights and notable projects that made last year truly exceptional for us. We collaborated with GLG Communications to secure the win of 3 International RX awards, expanded our influencer marketing portfolio with unboxing designs for companies like Lancome, Yves Saint Laurent and Kraft, and had the opportunity to work on some incredible print-to-web projects. Here are some of the design collaborations that made a mark in 2023.


Kraft Proves that Going Viral is as Smooth as Peanut Butter

Kraft Peanut Butter Box

Every once in a while, a campaign comes along that pushes the boundaries of creativity and completely engages consumers in a full-on brand experience. Such is the case with the most recent Peanut Butter campaign by Kraft. Kraft’s latest campaign leverages the full potential of empty peanut butter jars and AI to motivate consumers to… Read more »


Brainstorm with Us

Have an idea or a sketch on paper that you’d like to bring to life? If you can imagine it, we can help you create it! If you already have an idea for your next marketing campaign or are at a loss and would like to brainstorm with our team, contact us today. The team at… Read more »


Spotlight on the Flipbook

Today we put the spotlight on a storytelling superstar – The Flipbook. The Flipbook makes page turning interesting and engaging. When you pull on the tab, the pages automatically flip making it a lot more interactive and entertaining than just turning the page.


Myths and Facts about Millennials and Direct Mail

We recently stumbled across this article by the USPS that summarizes some recent statistics that support the effectiveness and relevancy of direct mail with millennials. Some key findings from the article and these studies is below.