Direct mail has been been proven to increase response rates and make a lasting impression, but we firmly believe good design is instrumental when it comes to its effectiveness. Amazing creative, a great call to action and delivering that “Oh my gosh, this is so cool!” moment make all the difference between a lackluster direct mail campaign and one that makes an impact.

For this reason, we are huge fans of the Telescoping design. What’s so great about it?

It Builds Anticipation

The Telescoping design features multiple panels that slide out (or up!) and lock to reveal 2, 3, 4, and, sometimes 5, total panels of information. This design is PERFECT for delivering a message, highlighting step-by-step instructions, making a big announcement or expanding on a graphic or idea like this example for Alpine Lager.

Moosehead Breweries used the telescoping design to introduce the new packaging of its’ classic Alpine Lager brand. The self mailer looks like an ordinary mailer on the outside but as you pull up on the tab, each panel expands and locks while an image of the new beer bottle is revealed with each pull. Nothing ordinary about it! Learn more about this project here.

It Makes a Great Sales Aid or Leave-Behind

Whether you’re handing out information at a trade show, after a meeting or a presentation, you want to make sure the information you are leaving behind is concise, organized and easy to reference. That’s what makes this a perfect design for a sales aid, product brochure or reference guide. The multiple panels allow for a lot of information to be contained in a small footprint, while the locking mechanism ensures it all stays put.

Petro-Canada used the telescoping design as a sales kit to deliver information about its Wholesale Marketer Program. When you pull out the tab, 2 panels on the inside slide out, unfold and lock. Each panel featured a pocket containing additional literature and information.

It Ships Flat

High-impact print isn’t always necessarily more expensive to mail and the Telescoping design is an example of that. In most cases, it ships flat and can even be mailed as a self-mailer without an envelope, like the Alpine Lager example featured above or this example for Saskatchewan Tourism. They used the Telescoping design to promote the province and its abundance of trout fishing to prospective visitors from North Dakota. As you pull out each of the inside panels, the piece expands to 3 times its original size as the trout imagery expands with each panel.

It’s Expansive

At first, the Telescoping design may seem small or average, but the capability to contain so much information on its multiple panels is what makes this design a client favorite.

Telus used this mailer to tout the benefits of its powerful cloud-based clinical management solution to physicians. The cover features our Changing Picture design while the inside of the mailer features our vertical telescoping design with 3 panels that pull down and lock, with the last panel highlighting the call-to-action.

RESOLVE used the Telescoping folder to deliver important information about their mission to build affordable rental housing. As you pull out each panel of this mailer, a new panel appears to the right and locks into place. The Telescoping folder they used featured 4 double-sided panels of information providing ample space to build on their messaging and graphics.

It Can Be Used as Packaging

The Telescoping mechanism has also been applied to packaging by many brands. It’s been used to deliver premiums, web keys, products and literature. In this example Dell used it to deliver information to businesses about their OptiPlex desktop computers. The mailer tripled in size as you pulled out each of the panels with the last panel featuring a well that held a free magnetic cable organizer.

In Conclusion

The Telescoping design can wear many hats. It can be used as a direct mailer to build on a message or idea or make a big announcement. Pharmaceutical brands love it because of its’ ability to present a lot of information in an organized way making it the perfect leave-behind. Apply this mechanism to packaging and you have an impactful delivery mechanism for your premium, new product or sample. Contact us today to learn how you can make the Telescoping design work for you!

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